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with Pippy the Pig!

   Feb 16

Classroom Visits

Would you like to learn more about classroom visits and see Lori’s scheduled events?

Lori LOVES to do classroom, library and special event visits! She tailors her presentations to the age group and enjoys accommodating all groups. She brings her laptop and has a fun-filled power point to go along with the presentations. She starts out by discussing how important reading is by sharing how her life was affected by her birth defect. She was in a cast then braces until she was five. Lori was not able to run and play like most kids. Her main form of entertainment was her mom reading to her. She also brings different steps of the publishing process to share with the students – from the black and white sketches, to the original artwork to her proofs.  She enjoys sharing the steps it takes to get a book published.  Lori stresses that there is an author in all of us!  She loves to play Iowa trivia with all of her groups to test their knowledge about our state!  The kids really enjoy getting prizes for correct answers. All of her talks vary depending on the age group and audience she is addressing. Lori also brings Pippy with her. Of course, she reads at least one of the books, too.  Lori saves time at the end so the students can ask questions. Typically her talks last about 30-45 minutes. Lori plants the seed that there is an author in all of us…a simple idea one day can grow in to a book down the road. If you or the teachers have something you would like Lori to stress or add to the presentations that tie in with the current curriculum she is happy to do that.

Email questions regarding classroom visits to: or call 515-371-9128


In conjunction with classroom visits many schools choose to participate in the book fundraisers. Your school library receives a signed set of books FREE! $3.00 from each book sold goes right back to your school PTO or PTA.  With every 30 books sold your school receives additional copies of the books to place in the classrooms – FREE!

Classroom Discussion Questions and Notes…

I am happy to email you curriculum questions and notes to use in conjunction with the books in the classroom. These are great ideas to use with your Iowa Units in the classroom. Just send your request to: